Top Best Hollywood Movies of 2021

Top Best Hollywood Movies of 2021


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Top Best Hollywood Movies of 2021


  • Shazam

Shazam!     Produced by New line cinema,

and directed by Warner Bros.. It’s the seventh instalment in the DC extended Universe ( DCEU) .it had been directed by David F .

Sangberg the screenplay by Henry gayden and the story by Gayden and Darren lamken.

The film star Zachary have,mark strong,Azar angel,jack dylen Grazer.

Directed by David F sangberg

Produced by Peter sarfan, screenplay by Henry Hayden..

Story by Here lamke, Henry gayden..

Starring  – Mark strong,Azar angel, jack dylen Grazer

Music by Benjamin wall fish, cinematography Maxim Alexander.

Release date :15 ,2019 ( Toronto).

April 5 , 2019 ( United States)

Running time.. 132 minutes.

Language ( English)



Top Best Hollywood Movies of 2021


2019 American Superhero film based on

Comics Character/ Carol Dangers / Captain Marvel . 

Produced by Marvel studio and disturbuted by Walt Disney studio Motion picture.

It’s the film 21 in the marvel  universe ( M C U) .

The film was written and directed by Anna boden and Reyan  with Nicole prem.

The film begin as early as May 13.

This movies officially announced in 2014 as marvel studio ,


 female superhero film.

Perlman and feuve were hired as a piece team the subsequent April after submitting take on the Character.

The story brows from Roy Thomas’s 1971_ kree shrull war magazine storyline,

Larson announced as Danwers at the 2016,

San Diego comic_ cone with boden and flek hired to direct in April 2017 .


Top Best Hollywood Movies of 2021

  • Avengers Endgame


Avengers Endgame is 2019 American Superhero film.

Based on the Marvel comics superhero team the Avengers.

Produced by Marvel studio and disturbuted by Walt Disney studio Motion picture,

it’s the direct sequel to Infinity war ( 2018) and the 22nd film.

The marvel cinematic universe ( M C U) .

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and written by Christopher marks,

and stephem by crishtooher Markus and srmtephem Mc feely,

The film features an ensemble cast including robert Downey jr.

Directed by Anthony Russo Joe Russo

Produced by Kevin fiege

Screenplay by crishtooher Markus

Release date: April 22 2019 ,( loss angels conversation)

Running time: 181 minutes

Country:  United States

Language: English

Budget: $356_400 million

Box office: $2.798 billion


The film was announced in October 2014 as Avengers:

infinity war _ part 2 but Marvel latter removed this tille.

The Russo brother joined as director in 2015, with Markus,

and Mc feely singing on to put in the writing skript a month latter.

The film is conclusion to the story of the M C U up thereto point,

ending the story arcs for several  Maine character.

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