Top 5 Hollywood Movies of 2020


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Top 5 Hollywood Movies of 2020

  •  The call of the wind:


Is an 2020 American adventure film supported Jack London’s (1903) Novel of the Identity name.

Directed by: Chris senders

And his first film without a condom – director,

the film was written by Michael Green and Herrison Ford,

Omar cry, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillen Brandon with ford and Wooden.

From his palace Colifornia and fort to the you kon.

The call  of the wind was released within is February 21, 20 by 20th Sentury studio.

( it’s first film under the company’s current name).


Top 5 Hollywood Movies of 2020

  • Once upon a time in Hollywood


Could be 2020 Comedydrama film written and directed by Quentin  jorame torentio .

Produced by clombia pictures,Bona film group,Heyday film and visions

romantica and disturbuted by Soni picture releasing .

it’s co production the u.s .. UK, and China it’s features a large

assemble castled by leonardo,DiCaprio ,Brad Pitt and Robbie

Set in 1979 l.a the film follow a fading character actors and his stunt double

as they navigate the rapidly changing the movie.

About it film announced July 17,

it’s the primary  film to notional volve Bob and Harvey as ended

his the partnership with brother following the sexual abuse against the letter.

Photography lasted from june through November

Who died March 4, 2019, the film devoted to him.


  •  Bloodshot

May be 2020 a American Superhero film based on the

valiant comics character of the identical .

It’s intended to be the first installment in an excellent series of film

Set within a comics shared climate.

directed by David S.F Wilson ( in his features directorial debut)

from a screenplays by Jeff Waldo and Eric .

It follow a marrine who was killed action only to be brought back to life with superpower by a  that desire to use weapons,.

Bloodshot was  theatrically Release within the u.s on March 13, 2020, by K Soni’s pictures releasing.

The film Gros $37 million worldwide and received mixed reviews from critics.

Thanks to Covid -19  Pendicloming theatres internationally,

Sony made the film available digitally on demand.

After it was release theoretically.


  •  Bad Boys for the life

Could be 2020 the American film that squeals to Bad Boy (2) (2003)

And the thus third installment within the bad boys franchises .

Written by Aadil and Bilal and written by Crish Bremen ,Peter Craig and joe Carnahan.

It’s film cast also includes Paola Nunez, Vanessa Hudgens Early.

Bad Boys Threatically released within the us on 17 January 2020.

By soni pictures Released under Colombia pictures label.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics

,becoming – the best Received film within the series.

It’s also grossed $426 million worldwide.

Making it the first highest grossing film of 2020.


  •  Hubie Halloween


In 2020 American mystery comedy – horror film .

Director by steven Brill ,Written by Adam sandler and team herlihy,

And  Staring on  asemble  cast consisting of sandler,

Kevin Jensen ,julie Bowen, Ray liotta.

The film follow a Halloween lovin workers.

Who must save the town of salem.

Released on October 7, 2020 by Netflix.

The film pays tribute an actor Cameron Boys, who was set to star but died in 2019.

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