Top 5 Bollywood Movies 2016


Hey, everyone, I’m back again with my New Post Top 5 Bollywood Movies 2016  hope after watch this movie you feel better.


Best of the year list’ it’s sometimes thought to recall some amazing films performance of the year.

Dangal, fever at it’s speak and it’s truly well deserve.

If you sit back and think ,the year witnessed some path – breaking performance ,gripping narratives and above all movies,.

That didn’t flinch from pushing the boundaries.


Top 5 Bollywood Movies 2016


Top 5 Bollywood Movies 2016

  • 1 Airlift

The film started with a really good Akshay Kumar,

Film called ‘Airlift, directed by Raja Krishna Menon. It was a film on evacuation of indians based in Kuwait , during the invasion of Saddam Hussain.

Akshay played Ranjit katyal, the businessman who takes upon himself to lead the evacuation.

Akshay did a great job here and this film, managed to touch the right chord, not just with those who could relate to the story but also the regular movie- gores.


Top 5 Bollywood Movies 2016

  • 2 Neerja


In February Ram Madhvani made ‘Neerja‘ where Sonam Kapoor was seen portraying the Character Neerja, Bhanot, 22-year-old air hostess of pan

Am flight 73.

Which was hijacked by terrorists in September 1986. Bhanot gave her life and save the lives of 359 passengers.

It was a brilliant story that was waiting to be told.



  • 3 Udta Punjab

In June, came the most talked-about film of the year , Udta Punjab.

It was a strong story dealing with Punjab’s rampant drug problem and human trafficking.

Alia bhatt, Sahid Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh played their parts Wonderful.

Alia bhatt, stood out , a lot of best actress trophies should be going her way as this was rarely one the best performance of the year by the female lead .


Kapoor and Sons

  • 4 Kapoor And Sons since(1980)

In March, Karan johar produced one of the best film of Dharma production, Kapoor and Sons since (1980) , directed by Shakun batra.

This was arguably the most well written film of 2016.

Writers Shakun Batra and Ayesh Devatri dllion s attention to detail .

What made made film so  nounced,where every Character was justified .

The film stared Shidhart Malhotra, Fawad khan , Alia Bhatt and Rishi Kapoor.



  • 5 Alighar 

The last week of February shaw another gem, Hansal Mahta ‘Alighar’,.

The film narrated the real – life story of Alighar Muslim University Perfessor Shrinivas Ramchandra siras,

The difficult subject to tackle, Hansal brouth the struggle of the miniority to the for the sensitivity.

Manoj Bajpayee ‘s raised performance in the lead role.

provide yet again that he is one the most understood actor in Bollywood.


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